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What you need to know about video consultation software

Video consultation has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, but the advent of lockdown and remote/contactless working has transformed it from an added value service for early adopters to a mainstream service for many clinics. But how should you approach video consultation & what tools should you use to manage and deliver it? 

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Hands encompassing online appointment bookings

A guide to appointment management software

For any clinic, bookings are business. Without easy access to your services, your patients will go elsewhere to get their needs met. In today’s world easy access means online and automated - without the need to try and get through on a busy phone line and scribble times and dates on a piece of paper, hoping that they have remembered them properly. 

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What is the difference between a digital signature and a handwritten one?

E-signing and digital signing have become increasingly common in recent years, a process which has only been accelerated by the pandemic. But what are the implications of this for your clinic? What is the difference between a digital and a physical signature? Can a digital signature actually replace a physical one for legal and compliance? 

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man on digital conference call

Top UK Dental Conferences to attend in 2021-2022

Conferences can offer companies a unique platform to publicise their product or service, gain exposure and interact with potential distributors, leads or buyers. Dental conferences are the perfect opportunity to see emerging trends in the industry, discuss industry challenges and upskill by taking part in lectures or seminars. Some leading conferences even offer the opportunity to gain enhanced CPD.

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