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7 ways to improve efficiency with your Clinic Management Software

If your Practice Management Software isn’t directly helping to improve efficiency & drive down costs across your Clinic, then what exactly is it doing? In an ever-changing world of technology, keeping up to date with the latest software and the widest functionality can mean the difference between actively saving time & money every single day, or not. 

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Top UK Dental Conferences to attend in 2021-2022

Conferences can offer companies a unique platform to publicise their product or service, gain exposure and interact with potential distributors, leads or buyers. Dental conferences are the perfect opportunity to see emerging trends in the industry, discuss industry challenges and upskill by taking part in lectures or seminars. Some leading conferences even offer the opportunity to gain enhanced CPD.

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Four Benefits of a Paperless Clinic

Four benefits of a Paperless Clinic

Going paperless seems like a classic no-brainer for any Clinic or business at first glance. Anything that can save you time and money has to be good, doesn’t it? Yet despite this, many Clinics still feel reluctant to let go of their tried and tested paper-based systems and fully embrace their digital transformation.

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